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Everyone knows that Wensleydale is famous for sheep, vets, dry stone walls and cheese (think Wallace and Gromit).

Everyone knows that Wensleydale offers some of the most picturesque and breath taking landscapes and waterfalls in all of Yorkshire.

Everyone knows about its unspoilt charm, traditional pubs serving locally sourced produce and beverages.

But did you know Wensleydale has a thriving business community and you could be a part of it?

Hawes is the key service centre of Upper Wensleydale, and provides local people and businesses with a host of high quality goods and services. As well as our famous attractions, Wensleydale is home to a network of thriving businesses. Be they micro lifestyle businesses operating from home or larger employers occupying industrial land, many provide their products and services internationally.

Help, advice and assistance with business start ups and re/co-locations to the area is available from the Business Association. It offers advice on locally based education and business training. It is the place to come and say "I don't know if you can help me, but...", and know you will get a useful answer. We work closely with our local authorities, Richmondshire District Council and North Yorkshire County Council as well a range of Government agencies who support rural businesses such as Yorkshire Forward and Business Link Yorkshire.

Real people live in Wensleydale all year round. They do their shopping, start new business ventures and bring up their families. They are used to working hard in a challenging, yet rewarding, economic climate. With its spectacular scenery rising above the rows of friendly shops, Upper Wensleydale is well worth considering as your place to do business.


How to set up your business in Wensleydale

Relocating an existing business?

Quality small businesses help diversify the local economy. It may pay you to re-locate your business here in more ways than one.

  • Do you need premises?
  • Do you need training for yourself and/or staff?
  • Do you need local and skilled staff?
  • Do you need any specialist advice/help?
  • Do you need grant aid?
  • Do you want local banking facilities?
  • Do you want a local accountant?
  • Do you want a local solicitor?
  • Do you want a local insurance broker?
  • Do you need the use of desk space, IT and office equipment?
  • Do you need a builder, electrician etc?
  • Do you want to talk to local business people?
  • Do you need virtual or physical offices and industrial work space?

Richmondshire District Council have units available in Hawes


In Business in Wensleydale... see who's already doing business here in Wensleydale, why not browse our Accommodation and Attractions and Services pages?


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