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Home-made Yorkshire Beer from our collection of Yorkshire Recipes, Yorkshire sayings and more Yorkshire stuff!

Home-made Yorkshire Beer

From the legendary Mrs. Beeton's Cookery and Household Management.
1 breakfast cup of linseed
1 breakfast cup hops
1 lemon
1 lb sugar
1 oz stick spanish
halfpenny worth yeast (either brewer's or German)
1 gallon water.

1. Put lemon sliced into a pan with linseed, hops, spanish (bruised), sugar and water.
2. Boil 20 minutes.
3. Strain into a vessel.
4. Let it stand until just warm and then add yeast.
5. Stir the contents well, place in warm place and cover with a cloth.
6. After 24 hours skin off the yeast and pour off the liquor carefully into another vessel, leaving the sediment.
7. Bottle immediately and in three days the beer is fit for use (!)
For some tastes the above proportion of sugar may be found too large. It may be diminished, but the beer will not keep good as long. When in season a cupful of nettle tops and a few dandelion flowers may be boiled with other ingredients if liked.


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