Bainbridge Circular

About 5½ miles (8.85km)

Terrain: Moderate with some inclines
Public Transport: Bus stops in Bainbridge

From Bainbridge, take the westerly road signposted “Marsett, Semerwater and Countersett” and continue for ¾ mile.

Take the track signposted “Byway Beggarman’s Road 5½ miles”, this is the Cam High Road. Continue uphill for views of Wensleydale. After 2 miles (3.22km), turn left along the tarmac road.

You will reach a stile and signpost “F.P. Countersett”. Go through the gate and walk to Countersett with views of Semer water and Raydale.

Join the tarmac road signposted “Stalling Busk 1¼ miles” and go downhill to the shore of Semerwater. Head back to road bridge.

Take the path, signposted “Footpath Bainbridge 2 miles”. Follow it along the banks of the River Bain. Cross the ladder stile and head for the stile and signpost at the top corner of the field. Go through the stile. Continue on the well-defined path to the top of the hill in front of you.

Continue downhill to the stile and main road. Turn left and return to the village.

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